Kodi addons site TVAddons insists its domains are not being used to spy on users

The Kodi addons site TVAddons vanished from the internet a little while ago before reappearing with a new domain. The site faced legal action over claims it provides access to pirated content, and there have been suggestions that the original TVAddons domain is being used by a law firm to spy on users.

The team behind TVAddons insists that this is not the case, and wants to set the record straight once and for all. It says that, in fact, everything possible has been done to protect user privacy. So are tvaddons.ag and xbmchub.com being used to gather evidence about Kodi users?

TVAddons puts the rumor to bed straight away. No. One of the reasons it can be so sure that the original TVAddons domain is not being used to spy on users is that the domain is being held by an independent third party, not the law firm that’s suing the site. While a court has already determined that the domain was illegally seized, an appeal process has been initiated meaning it cannot yet be returned to rightful owners.